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Consolideck - Prosoco
Floor Polishing Chemicals and Dyes

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Color Enhancer WB
Water-based formula enhances color on decorative concrete floors, patios, walkways and pavers. Treated surfaces let water vapor out, without letting water in. more info

Safe, economical daily cleaner for all finished concrete floors, industrial to aesthetic. more info

Develops concrete’s full strength and hardness potential, while enhancing appearance and protecting against soiling, staining and water intrusion. more info

High-luster protective treatment enhances color while improving stain resistance on exterior horizontal concrete new or old. more info

Combines high-gloss beauty with the penetrating toughness of Consolideck® LS® -- PROSOCO’s premium sealer, hardener and densifier for horizontal concrete. more info

LSKlean Super Concentrate
Lithium-silicate containing cleaner keeps concrete floors and counter tops looking and performing their best. more info

Resists staining and etching from common food and household cleaning products. more info

Long-lasting protection against water and salt attack for concrete & most other masonry. Ideal for new concrete. more info

Saltguard WB
Ready-to-use protection against water and salt attack for concrete & most other masonry. Ideal for field or in-plant application. more info

Easy-application cure and seal protects horizontal concrete against costly water invasion and salt attack. more info

SL100 Water Repellent
Non-solvent water repellent provides maximum penetration, unbeatable coverage rates and invisible, breathable protection for concrete. more info

SLX100 < 350 g/l
Invisbly protects against water and oil spills, salt attack and many kinds of stains. more info

SLX100 Water & Oil Repellent
Ideal for dense surfaces -- protects from water, oil and food stains and more. more info

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