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S2ZBMNDCPropane Floor Burnisher


Propane Floor Burnisher

42" Blue Sky propane powered floor burnisher
with dust control, 18hp Kawasaki, 12 volt battery start, catalytic muffler and emission shutoff

The complete line of Onyx Blue Sky Burnishers was developed to ensure every size floor could be burnished with speed while delivering superior results in dust control and polishing. Every size from the 21" to the latest 42" delivers faster performance per sq ft than conventional equipment, significantly reducing labor cost and time spent on the job. Our new 42" dual head model burnishes an amazing 52,000 sq ft per hour, which is unsurpassed in the industry. A unique emission control system ensures clean indoor air and meets all LEED requirements for green cleaning in the workplace. The 18 HP 603cc propane engine meets OSHA standards for indoor operation and eliminates the burden of electrical cords and battery life. All of the Blue Sky burnishers contain multiple safety features to ensure safe operation and a safe clean environment.

Standard Unit 42" - 18Hp Kawasaki,Catalytic Muffler,12V List $5,900.00
P/N# S2ZBMNDC  - Your Price $4,983.00 Buy It Now

Prices are subject to change and are quoted for today only!

 Burnishing Width 40"
 Performance 52,000 sq.ft./hr
 Sound Level <87 dBA
 Pad Size 2 x 21"
 Pad Speed 2000 RPM
 Dimensions (L x W x H) 55" x 42" x 40"
 Weight 340 lbs.
 Warranty 2yr on engine, 1yr on machine, 90 days on wearable parts

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