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Jumbo DE (Dual)Jumbo Industrial Vacuum

Tornado Jumbo DE (Dual)

Jumbo Industrial Vacuum

It is a simple principle; the higher the c.f.m. a vacuum generates, the better suited it is for recovering dry debris and bulk material. Tornado's Electric JUMBO vacuum systems are appropriate for use in recovering heavy solid debris such as metal shavings and chips, sawdust, powders (fine and ultra fine), sand and dry oil. The units are also effective in recovering water, machine oils and cutting oils. These Jumbo's have been designed specifically for Industrial applications and feature heavy-duty steel vacuum covers, aluminum housing blower powerpack(s) and a rolled-top steel 55-gallon drum. External poly filter bags allow for maximum filtering area and separation of the debris from the filtering system. Power, strength and mobility built Tornado tough to last. Neoprene hoses also available to tackle the nastiest oil recovery jobs.

Standard Unit with Two 2.25 HP Electric Motors
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  • Rolled-top steel 55-gallon drum
  • Dual Motor w/ Aluminum housing
  • External poly filter bags
  • Effective in recovering water, machine oils and cutting oils
  • Neoprene hoses also available to tackle the nastiest oil recovery jobs

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